Tumbler Tart Laundry Dryer Balls- 3 Pack- Cute as a Button Baby Boutique

Tumbler Tart Laundry Dryer Balls- 3 Pack

The Laundry Tarts

  • $ 999
  • Save $ 700

The Tumbler Tart dryer balls are available in a pack of 3. They are a fun, natural alternative to chemical fabric softeners, dryer sheets and PVC dryer balls. While bouncing in the dryer, laundry becomes soft, reduces static and minimizes the time it takes to dry; saving you money on your electricity bill!

-reduces static

-softens naturally

-absorbs water and reduces dry time

-made with 100% fair trade/ethically treated wool

-chemical free

-hypoallergenic and safe for those with wool allergies

-lasts up to 1000 uses

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