Pacidose Pacifier Medicine Dispenser- Multiple Sizes


  • $ 1399

Pacidose is a soft, supple nipple that feels exactly like your baby’s regular pacifier, with one important difference: you can medicate through it.  It attaches to any standard oral syringe so you can measure liquid medicine accurately. This baby medicine syringe system contains a narrow channel that delivers liquid to the back of the tongue where there are fewer tastebuds, helping your infant to more easily swallow their dose.  Even babies that don’t use pacifiers take Pacidose better than a bare oral syringe.  Your child gets the right dosage of medicine, without any fuss or tears!

  • Fuss free medication for your young child
  • Invented by a doctor
  • Soft nipple feels just like a pacifier
  • Fits all standard oral syringes for accurate measurement
  • BPA and Latex free