Nook LilyPad Playmat- Multiple Colors

Nook Sleep

  • $ 12000

The LilyPad is a playmat for real life. A 1-inch, non-toxic PETE air-spacer cushion is topped with a 100% organic Pebble cover for a comfortable, healthy place for your little one to spend her time. When it’s time to clean it, just throw the entire playmat in the washing machine!

Great for kids of all ages, at home or on the go. The LilyPad features a handle and clasp, so it easily hooks onto a stroller.

Here are just a few ways people are using the LilyPad Playmat:

  • Cozy place for infants learning to enjoy tummy time
  • Play space for toddlers and their blocks, trains and dolls
  • Cushioned seat for grade-school kids to read or watch TV
  • Picnic blanket for trips to the park, or sitting on the sidelines while your children are playing sports
  • Travel mat for on the road
  • Take to the beach for fun in the sun
  • Plush and convenient dog bed for your furry family members

After you've had your fun on the LilyPad, simply throw it in the wash to get it squeaky clean again.

Convenient at Home or on the Road

The flexible PETE fill and soft Pebble fabric make it easy to fold up the LilyPad and take it on the go.

To store it while it’s not in use, fold it up and put it in the linen closet or in your stroller basket – the LilyPad won’t take up much space!

This versatile playmat was designed for easy cleanup, too. Many spills can simply be wiped off of the Pebble fabric. For bigger messes, or to keep your LilyPad as sanitary as possible, just throw it in the washing machine.

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