Nook Knitted Blanket- Multiple Colors

Nook Sleep

  • $ 7400

Curl up with a colorful, certified organic cotton blanket that’s both cozy and breathable. Not too tight, not too lose, the soft weave of our colorful, certified organic, combed cotton blanket is just right for comfort and breath-ability.

Versatile and Beautiful

The larger size and just-right knit makes this blanket ideal for so many uses, inside your home and out.

  • Keep a blanket in your stroller basket so your child can snuggle up on your morning walk
  • Throw your Nook blanket on the grass for a colorful place to have a picnic
  • Curl up on the couch and get cozy with a book or a movie
  • Make your Nook blanket part of your child's bedtime routine – nothing's better for reading bedtime stories in a rocking chair

Choose from beautiful, vibrant colors. The non-toxic, water-based dyes we use to color the yarns of your Nook Blanket will last wash after wash.

Breathable for Airflow and Comfort

We worked hard to create a blanket with a fabric weave that is tight enough to warm your baby, yet loose enough to maintain breath-ability. Our colorful, cozy Nook Blanket fits the bill.

Organic combed cotton makes this blanket cuddly and soft to the touch – never itchy.

Locally Made

Our children’s futures are in our hands. Your blanket is proudly made in the USA with 100% certified organic cotton.