Crinkle Crinkle Little Star

Workman Publishing

  • $ 1295

It's a touch-and feel board book that creates a crinkling sound sure to delight and entrance babies while helping to develop fine motor skills. It's an introduction to the night sky with six gorgeous, full-spread illustrations of constellations: Leo, Taurus, Orion, Scorpius, Cancer, and Ursa Major. It's a perfect lullaby to rock baby to sleep.

Crinkle, crinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Are you Leo, brave and bright,
Mighty lion in the night?
Up above the world so high
Charging through the winter sky,
Are you Taurus, headstrong bull,
Dashing at the moon so full?
Swiftly leaping into view
Great Orion, is that you?
Bow and arrow fast at hand,
Fiercest hunter in the land.