BabyBay Bedside Sleeper- Multiple Finishes


  • $ 41500

The BabyBay bedside sleeper is a baby crib that provides parents with peace of mind that their newborn is safe and within arm’s reach. This bedside sleeper for co-sleeping is one of the easiest, safest, and best ways to sleep for both you and your baby. The BabyBay provides all the benefits of co-sleeping without the drawbacks of your baby sleeping in your bed or in a baby crib across the room. The baby gets to sleep in his or her own separate space while still within your arm’s reach giving everyone in the family a restful night’s sleep.

The BabyBay bedside crib’s sleek eco-friendly design is made of solid beechwood, not plastic like our competitors. When it comes to your baby’s safety, you’ll love our sturdy wooden design developed in Germany and made in the European Union to guarantee the final product will always be of the highest quality.

No More Worrying About Bedtime

With a newborn baby in the home, there are plenty of things to worry about. Don’t make bedtime one of them. The BabyBay bedside sleeper simply and securely attaches to almost all bed heights and styles to keep the bedside crib and the baby from dangerously moving throughout the night. Co-sleeping with a bedside sleeper is ideal for soothing a restless or crying baby in the night without having to get out of bed. Co-sleeping also encourages bonding and breastfeeding by making night-feeding quick and convenient.The BabyBay bedside sleeper is flexible and adaptable, and provides you with all the benefits of co-sleeping without the disadvantages.

Beechwood’s natural antistatic and antibacterial properties make the BabyBay crib quite fitting to guard your child’s health. This bedside crib also makes safety a priority by ensuring stability: sturdy beechwood can withstand significant loads, and the easy-to-attach straps that run between your mattress and boxspring safeguard against the baby crib moving away from the bed. These quick-install straps also make the BabyBay bedside sleeper easy to move when you’re ready, and using straps prevents any need for sharp or dangerous metal hooks or latches.

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